“Dog training isn’t all about the tools we use, it’s about the time you put in, the relationship and trust that’s built, and the bond that forms between handler and dog.”

Meaghan Wolfe

Meaghan Wolfe

My name is Meaghan Wolfe and I have been a resident of Brevard County for seven years. I have three dogs of my own: two Chinese Shar Pei and a Great Dane mix. I have worked for several years in a high-volume animal shelter and have strong proficiency in reading and understanding canine body language.

I feel that each dog learns and trains differently, and a personalized plan for each dog works best to achieve your desired goals. Your dog is your best friend, and I will help you understand their behavior and enjoy your time together.

In my free time, I enjoy horseback riding, reading, fostering dogs, playing Pokémon Go, exploring parks and nature sanctuaries, and working with my personal dogs.

Wolfe Pack Dog Training has been helping dog owners of Brevard County since 2021.

Wolfe Pack Dog Training, LLC is licensed and insured.

Brevard County Business Tax Receipt 183971




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